[aprssig] Dayton APRS Meet-Up

Sat May 14 19:43:54 EDT 2022

I would like to meet a one of the food trucks, on site on Sat. around lunch. 




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 Anyone interested in an APRS Meet-Up on Saturday around lunch time?  Could be as simple as collecting at the show near the food or going somewhere off-site.  We discussed before about an old fashioned APRS dinner, but it seems like most people have replaced their Saturday evenings with other events.  I thought we might get a better response to a Saturday lunch time meet up.


Let me know if you're interested.  We'll just come up with a spot to meet.  Completely informal.


Jason K4APR  (ex. KE4NYV)

www.ke4nyv.com <http://www.ke4nyv.com> 

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