[aprssig] Fwd: UI-View32 Maps?

Stephen H Smith WA8LMF2 at aol.com
Sat Feb 19 23:41:40 EST 2022

On 2/19/2022 10:44 PM, Earl Needham wrote:

> Where can I find UI-View32 maps?  I've been Googling for maybe two hours and 
> all I come up with are dead links.
> I'm specifically looking for New Mexico, Texas, and perhaps a map of the 
> Southwest United States.
> Thanks,
> Earl

Why is this being posted on the APRSsig instead of the UIview group?

Small fixed non-zoomable maps of limited areas are so last century.   UIview 
users in North America have been almost exclusively using Precision Mapping for 
seamless scrollable zoomable maps of all of North America for the last nearly 
two decades.  .

Undertow Software, the publisher of Precision Mapping has gone out of business, 
but ISO images of the install DVD for Precision Mapping 9.0 (the final version) 
are floating around the Internet. Note that to use Precision Mapping 9 with 
UIview, you DO NOT need to register and activate the program (which is now 

Just install it , dismiss the prompt to register on first-time-run, and exit 
the program. It's now good to go with UIview.

For more details, see my web site at:


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