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Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Thu Feb 17 20:31:53 EST 2022

> On Feb 17, 2022, at 4:39 PM, Scott Howard <showard at nd.edu> wrote:
>  I think there may just be a misunderstanding of goals and actions, which I think is summarized in this sentence
> > "The problem is when it is done publicly, and especially in a public collaboration."
> To me, doing it in public as a public collaboration was the *solution* to the problem, but I now see that others see it as *the* problem. 

I just want to be crystal clear. I am talking about efforts by individuals or small groups, not discussion of these issues when the time comes. My principle objection to a resurrection of the APRS Working Group is precisely that their discussion will be held in private without other stakeholder involvement. Those discussion need to be in public. 

I don't think your INTENT is to decide anything on github, but these things tend to develop more authority than they deserve. If you were to just have an annotated list of links that is one thing, but when you start summarizing and adding in new info and setting goals for your project at the top of the document you create something that has the potential to remain separate from whatever structure the community decides upon.

This is a time we need to settle on an overall organization. That is boring and tedious, and as we have seen there are a lot of people that just want to dive in and start doing stuff. If they do, besides losing their input into the organization they will feel less involved in it. It will be somewhere between difficult and impossible to pull everyone back into an organization and the efforts will splinter.

Steve K4HG

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