[aprssig] A Proposal for the Continuation of APRS

Jonathan Delaney kb3osp at gmail.com
Sun Feb 13 19:43:31 EST 2022

I missed this as well going to have to look at spam settings in Gmail. I think a 501c is a great idea however with my experience in the past of 501 organizations they turn into a political battle. With President Vice president treasurer and so on. There are advantages to being a 501c too being that it is a tax heaven for supplies needed this would be the servers in this case and servers can get expensive quick. I don't know what would be the best course of action in this case I have no problem in helping with either however if the project gets into a political battle we will loose aprs. 


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On Feb 13, 2022, 18:15, at 18:15, Steve Dimse <steve at dimse.com> wrote:
>Am I the only one that did not see this? It is not on either of the two
>ways I get email from the sig, including in junk mail folders. It is on
>the TAPR web archive of the sig though. I want to be sure everyone has
>seen it
>I support this proposal. I do think it is important there be a formal
>aspect to APRS moving forward. Bob was the authority in APRS and
>especially the protocol, and if nothing fills that void I can see chaos
>in APRS' future.
>What we have seen here so far are a lot of interesting ideas. The two I
>see that have some chance of being carried out in the short term are
>Hessu's plan to github tocalls, and KD9PDP's proposal to handle a
>rewrite. I've commented on the former already. If a group forms he will
>fold it into that.
>As to KD9PDP's proposal, someone needs to do it, and no one else is
>stepping forward. The 1.1 errata were well vetted. As Scott points out,
>1.2 is a completely different thing, and I do not think anything from
>there should be added to a definitive document without community
>discussion and approval. 
>But that brings up the big issue, how is such a discussion and approval
>to be accomplished? That is why I think a formal, open membership group
>is so important. Some have complained about it being US centric. I do
>not care what country it is based in, if someone else wants to organize
>it based in another county great, step forward so we can discuss.
>Otherwise, let it get organized where those willing to put in the work
>are located.
>Steve K4HG
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