[aprssig] APRS roadmap planning proposal / Proposal for the Continuation of APRS

Nick VA3NNW tapr at noseynick.com
Sun Feb 13 17:29:21 EST 2022

John Zaruba wrote:
> I would be very excited to help out with [Scott KD9PDP's] 2.4.

I'd be delighted to help out with ANY/ALL of Scott's listed points, 
especially "Open Source" and "Github".

When Jeff's "Proposal for the Continuation of APRS" said "couple of 
others in the APRS community [...] actively giving consideration to 
joining John and I", the "ideal best-case scenario" would be to find 
that Jeff W4JEW, John WA1KLI, Steve K4HG, Scott KD9PDP, Hessu, Andrew 
KA2DDO are ALL on the same page - in which case this is a no-brainer, 
absolutely, and sign me up too, in any way I can help!   :-)

I have developed several APRS and IRLP projects, including an email2aprs 
gateway and some "big data" stats analysis on a 5-year archive of all 
APRS-IS packets. I chatted with Bob about LocalInfo / FreqSpec / AVRS a 
few months back with the intention of getting all IRLP (and later 
EchoLink) repeaters "on the map" and injecting new life into some of his 
previous AVRS proposals. At work I live and breathe open-source and 
github and have been the architect of cloud-scale resilient distributed 
infrastructures for IoT, often telling my team "Yeah I've been doing 
this newfangled IoT stuff for over a quarter-century, us Radio Amateurs 
call it APRS".


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