[aprssig] APRS roadmap planning proposal

John Langner WB2OSZ wb2osz at comcast.net
Sun Feb 13 15:58:51 EST 2022

Scott Howard wrote:

>  Hello everyone,

> I'd like to take a stab at synthesizing discussions on the multiple
> into actionable items, with the goal of coming up with the 3 month goal
> with > 50% likelihood of success as was suggested. Below is a summary of
> the conversations (IMO), and I think goal #1 below is reasonable to aim
> in 3 months.

> In order of apparent priorities:
> 1) Maintenance of APRS as written.
> 1.1) Take inventory of all the documents (1.0, 1.1, the proposed 1.2, all
> the other notes on aprs.org).    ...

Anyone who has tried to implement the protocol has found it difficult
because two decades of updates are scattered around rather than being
merged into the original protocol specification.

I'm already pretty far along on updating the protocol specification with 
the later notes.

I took a copy of the original 1.0 specification and have been merging in all

of the corrections, clarifications, and new features in the 1.1 addendum.
Most of it is pretty straightforward.

The 1.2 addendum is a little trickier because it is mostly proposals that
never went anywhere.  I think we should just include new features that have 
been widely implemented.

The problem with putting it on github or otherwise making it publicly
Is that the original document is copyright 2000 by the APRS Working Group.

If the original "APRS Working Group" is no longer interested in maintaining
the document, the new maintainers would need to obtain permission to 
distribute a modified copy of the copyrighted material.


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