[aprssig] WB4APR SK

Miroslav Skoric skoric at uns.ac.rs
Fri Feb 11 06:57:19 EST 2022

On 2/10/22 3:43 PM, g8pzt--- via aprssig wrote:
> I was shocked and saddened to hear of this. I didn't know that Bob was ill.
> Yes we are all getting older, but I don't agree with the idea that we should
> just "let aprs die".
> They tried to get rid of Morse, steam trains, analogue radio, packet, rtty etc,
> and yet they're still around.
> It's a hobby. We enjoy tinkering. Sometimes new ideas come to us when we least
> expect it. I'm sure that will happen with aprs, as it sounds like there are
> still authors out there who are willing to write aprs apps.
> 73, Paula g8pzt

Well said, Paula.

For example, even though my ham club's old-fashioned leadership went mad 
in their superstition that data modes, such as HF packet, HF APRS, 
pactor, ... are going to 'burn' club's radios (while endless contests 
allegedly will not harm), I am still around too.

73, Misko YT7MPB

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