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I wasn't a participant in APRS during that era, but I agree with K4HG
about the explosion in enthusiasm and new capabilities of APRS in that

While I haven't seen that same level of "new shiny APRS" in Amateur
Radio recently, I have been seeing a similar energy adjacent to
Amateur Radio, mostly the use of APRS with license-exempt LoRa for
satellites, balloons, trackers, etc. instead of 144.390 MHz FM using
1200 bps AFSK modulation.

Steve N8GNJ

On Wed, Feb 9, 2022 at 11:55 AM Steve Dimse <steve at dimse.com> wrote:

> If you were around during the period when APRS exploded, roughly 1995 to 2000, you would better understand the difference. There were huge changes every year. Dayton and DCC were the two events where new features were shown, and there were always a number of jaw-dropping new things. In 96 I showed javAPRS, in 97 I showed the beginnings of the APRS IS, in 98 I added messaging, in 99 there was APRServ, and in 2000 I released findU. It wasn't that I am a genius programmer, I was just working in an unplowed field. I'm sure the same features would have happened had I not been involved.  One could draw the same sort of feature growth with the Sprouls in Mac/WinAPRS, Brent with APRS+SA. Mike with PalmAPRS, Kenwood, and of course Bob.
> But there just has not been the same kind of growth in features, and without that there hasn't been the same excitement. If that is ever going to be rekindled it needs to be now.
> Steve K4HG

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