[aprssig] APRS Object & Weather format

Ian_Wade_G3NRW g3nrw-radio at ntlworld.com
Tue Oct 26 04:05:00 EDT 2021

Good morning Bob.

Great to hear from you, and many thanks for the comment.

I must admit that as I lurk on this list I'm occasionally tempted to set 
up my APRS station again. Only trouble is, I don't have any tx/rx 
equipment or antennas left these days -- I disposed of everything a few 
years ago.

No worries -- I shall continue to lurk here as long as I can.

Stay healthy Bob, and enjoy your retirement!

Ian, G3NRW

On 25/10/2021 20:32, Robert Bruninga wrote:
> And an unbelievable thanks to Ian for taking on that herculean task.
> Melting down a stack of an inch of printed paper (everytinig about APRS)
> if printed out down into a single usable document.
> bob

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