[aprssig] What APRS Symbol for Drones?

Andrew Pavlin spam8mybrain at yahoo.com
Thu May 27 09:11:02 EDT 2021

 Yes, that's how I do it in YAAC. Besides having the base APRS 1.0 symbol set, I also have individual icon files for specific overlays on the alternate set that I could figure how to draw. If a symbol plus overlay is in the known set with a custom symbol (i.e., I figured out how to draw an appropriate symbol), I render that, otherwise I render the alternate table symbol and draw the overlay character on top of it. This custom symbol functionality is disabled if the user configures YAAC to not show the APRS 1.2 extended symbol set, in which case overlays are always rendered as the alternate symbol icon with a character superimposed.
Here's an URL to my drone icon file:
Note the file name is the hexadecimal value of the ASCII character for the overlay and symbol code.
Andrew, KA2DDOauthor of YAAC

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> Your icon didn't make it through the APRSsig remailer....

I received it.

> Responding to Bob's comment, I'm reluctant to overlay graphic icons rather than simple solid geometric shapes.   With the usual 16x16-pixel symbols, it yields an illegible mess when the single-color alpha-numeric character overlays a multi-colored symbol background. 

Software can decode the symbol with the overlay to display a different image.  That's how YAAC does it with great success and how, I suspect, Bob and others are expecting this to work.

Eric WG3K

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