[aprssig] 70cm APRS - And 144.39 +600 for events

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Mar 22 14:05:24 EDT 2021

Have not seen any permanent use of UHF for APRS.
Though when I do local events I usualy suggest using 445.925 simplex for
APRS voice coordination and sometimes suggest using Voice Alert on that
channel so data and APRS voice coordination only use one radio channel.
But this takes it off 144.39

But far better, I recommend setting up a special digi for the event with
144.99 input and 144.39 ojutput so that all Event data still shows up on
the APRS internet system but that the dig input is not blocked by 90% local
traffic but is wide open for the event users only.  Using +600 on 144.39
can triple data performance for the mobiles.

See Hike Across Maryland (aprs.org) <http://www.aprs.org/HAMsupport.html>

<http://www.aprs.org/HAMsupport.html>Mobile operatoprs for the event then
simpy use 144.39 +600 during the event.
I h ave a web page on it somewhere...


On Mon, Mar 22, 2021 at 1:44 PM <john at wa1okb.radio> wrote:

> I was reading your article at APRS.net/vm/DOS/UHFFREQ.HTM
> has this idea gained any traction?  Is the 445.925 suggested frequency
> actually being used?
> I'm considering adding a 70cm digipeater to my existing 2m APRS
> digipeater, wondering if there was a different frequency I should
> consider.  Your article was pretty much the only thing I found so far,
> other than the 437.550 frequency being used by ARISS (Which my software
> will be automatically switching to when the ISS is passing overhead)
> 73
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