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I believe TARPN is using Pi’s and one of two different HAT TNC’s. EastNet is all TNC2 clones with 6Pack firmware in the ERPOM and Flex as the node operating system.


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Does that TARPN group or Eastnet group use dual port Kantronics 9612 TNCs in their networks?



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The TARPN group has been testing various radios for packet links and their suitability. Tad Torborg is a good contact point with that group. I can give input from the NY and eastnet packet group.


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This radio was suggested as an available 220 radio for this application:


BCM-220 1.25m Mobile Radio — BridgeCom Systems, Inc. <https://www.bridgecomsystems.com/collections/amateur-mobile-radios/products/bcm-220-1-25m-mobile-radio> 


Does anyone have one?  In use at 9600 baud? 

Do you have a KPC-9612 for testing?

Do you have quality attenuators for making weak signal tests using the 9600 port on the 9612?

Does the radio have a wideband access to the modulator and demodulator for such use?

Do you need a partner and/or another setup to make this test?

Do you know someone who does?  Or another packet radio user group you can ask?



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