[aprssig] APRS Solar Prius - Solar panels

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jan 8 22:55:14 EST 2021

Soon my 2004 and 2005 APRS Solar Priuses will die (The 2005 "woodie" is
being towed this coming week) and so the other two solar priuses will go
next (but not until they die)

When that time comes,  I will remove the solar panels first.  The solar
panels will fit other prisuses or simlar small car tops. The panels are all
12v panels (VOC=18v?) 15W panels on the black prius and 18W panels on the
white one.

See photos http://aprs.org/my-EVs.html

They are old and weathered but have a fiberglass substrate so that I was
able to bend them slightly to fit the curvature of the car..  Similarly
they will not likely lay out flat anymore either.

I'd keep them for the next car, but there won't be a next car since my
health is headed south so fast.  The priuses will be scrapped and the
FrankenVolt ( http://aprs.org/FrankenVolt.html ) will likely be sold in the
next several months.

If anyone wants the Prius solar panels for their car project let me know.
Of course, back in 2007 they cost over $2200 but now are worth maybe $200,
though they are unique due to the curves to fit a car roof.

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