[aprssig] Options for robust digipeaters

L.C. Kimball n0nhj at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 8 23:39:26 EST 2021

Really depends on the details.

I've got a lot of equipment on Mountain Tops.
A lot of them are the KPC3+, and they do just run.  I've had one that 
failed, but I suspect Lightning was the root cause of it's problems.  
Several have been in place 15 years now.     Oh, did just remember one 
failure I fixed last summer, the actual plastic of the on/off switch 
apparently dried out enough that the switch failed and would no longer 
latch on (would power it if you held the switch). Dab of solder solved 
that problem.

For solar powered sites, I have a few that were KPC3+ and assorted 
radios, but I eventually standardized on the Argent data T3-301, which 
sadly is no longer available.   It was the TNC and Radio in a nice sized 
package.  That with a solar controller and 17AH Battery all fit in a 
8x8x4" Electrical box.

For the question about remote control, both the KPC3+, and the T3-301 
allowed changes remotely.   Which was handy since several of my sites 
are 12,000 feet or higher, and a couple are a significant hike in.

The other unit I've used a couple of and have been pretty happy with, is 
the unit from Poland, the Microsat WX3in1 Mini.  It's an Igate that has 
the Ethernet interface built in and has a web interface for the settings 
so can be programmed remotely.   I've had one of those in service for a 
couple of years now as an Igate and haven't needed to touch it.   
Depending on exchange rates it's a very reasonable priced unit, I think 
HRO even carries them now. I've got a portable unit built up in an old 
GR300 cabinet with the handle on top, that has a GM300, and one of those 
units, that anyone could plug in the Ethernet cable, put out a mag mount 
antenna, and plug it into AC and it would be up and running.

my .02 worth.

Chuck   n0nhj

On 2/8/2021 13:24, Jim (List) wrote:
> Hi,
> I’m looking for advice on current offering for a robust, 
> field-deployable digipeater TNC/modem.
> Over the years my go-to device has been the KPC-3+, mainly because 
> when I started out with APRS the sound-modem stuff was rubbish and not 
> easily deployed in the field without needing to be tweaked / set up 
> each time. The KPC-3+ is bomb-proof, out-performs most other hardware, 
> low power and just works (save for the known buffer/timing issues, but 
> they were solved in v9.1). I’ve never had one fail in 25 years (and 
> I’ve had wide-area event systems deployed with a dozen of them spread 
> around the hills!).
> The world has moved on and sound-modem stuff is now very good, so 
> looking at what options there are for something that has 
> multi-functionality - i.e. can be used at a centre or in a mobile for 
> situation awareness, perhaps over LAN/Wi-Fi with an appropriate 
> tablet/computer, used as an iGate, as well as “black boxed” with a 
> radio for the hilltop where it can be just switched on and left by 
> someone without any ARPS / computer knowledge.
> Units that would reliably handle 9600 would also be useful. Again 25 
> years ago that was a problem, but radios from the “big three” (and I 
> think some others) have the appropriate connections.
> So, any recommendations / thoughts?
> Jim
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