[aprssig] Backup Remote Power cord ops

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Dec 1 16:59:22 EST 2021

When preparing for winter APRS (and other) backup power I found it
possible to fit up to 175' of power cord on the  Home Depot power cord reel.

Just pull off the 20' of #14 power cord  and rewind with up to 175' of #18
Zip cord..  Rated at 10 Amps the reel can still carry plenty of power the
distance if precautions are followed and it can still fit under the car
seat if
needed.  See details about 50% down my Emergency power web  page
http://aprs.org/FrankenVolt.html and join our emergency power discussion
group on SolarDIY at groups.io .

I'm giving these 175' reels and a 1 kW inverter to my kids for Xmas for
backup power.  My son's Chevy-Bolt EV can remote power his apartment
if the grid goes down for over 64 hours from its large battery.  My
Prius Plugin-hybrid can provide power for days to a week depending on
gas in the tank.

Similar to info in my ARRL Pub on emergency power:

CAUTION:  Such emergency uses are not NEC or UL approved
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