[aprssig] aprx in debian has a bad default config, connects to APRS-IS right after install

Heikki Hannikainen hessu at hes.iki.fi
Wed Apr 21 16:24:26 EDT 2021


In case you're wondering why there are an awful lot of N0CALL-1 clients 
running aprx 2.9.0 on some T2 leaf servers (68 on T2FINLAND, 80 on 
T2UKRAINE, etc), with 0 packets sent in/out:

The most recent debian package of aprx 2.9.0+dfsg-2 starts up aprx by 
default, with the default configuration shipped with the package, right 
after you install it, and every time after reboot. It's included in Ubuntu 
and Raspberry Pi OS (ex-raspbian) as well, but luckily it's not installed 
by an awful lot of people.


         - Update aprx.default to remove environment STARTAPRX variable for
           daemon enable/disable for Debian Policy §
         - Update aprx.init script to remove /etc/default check for daemon

Older versions of the package required you to manually edit 
/etc/default/aprx and adjust STARTAPRX=0 to STARTAPRX=1, after which it 
would start up automatically. The new one doesn't have this check, it 
starts up after installation, connects to rotate.aprs2.net:14580 with the 
default N0CALL-1 callsign.

I have emailed the debian package maintainer, asking to release a new 
version which shuts these down unless configured to run with a proper 

Luckily the default config doesn't beacon anything.

Maybe there's some ham distribution of debian out there which has aprx 
installed by default, that would explain the high number of these clients.

   - Hessu, OH7LZB/AF5QT

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