[aprssig] Repeater 'telemetry'

Michael Pittaro mikeyp at lhrc.com
Sun Sep 6 23:16:02 EDT 2020

I've taken on an analog repeater project.  Since the repeater will be
off-grid and somewhat remote, I think it might be a good idea to monitor
telemetry over packet or APRS.

What sort of hardware / software combinations are typically used for this
type of setup?  Mostly, I"m interested in environmentals and things like
battery status / charge status, and possibly repeater activity.

I'm pretty sure I can figure it all out, but hoping there might be some
established patterns I can copy.  Hardware and software skills aren't an
issue, and I'm assuming there will be custom interfacing, but I really
don't want to build it all from scratch unless necessary.

I'll summarize any responses.

mike, kj6vcp
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