[aprssig] What is APRS, really?

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Around 1999, I met a commercial OTR truck driver on 146.52 coming across
> New Mexico. We met up at a rest area and he showed me his APRS setup. He
> had a custom control head that showed his position and beacons from other
> APRS stations. It was a small box with a dot-matrix type display of about
> six lines. He had a set of status buttons that beaconed driving, out of
> truck, and a few other canned messages. It also had a small thermal printer
> that could print out messages. He said his wife (Technician licensee) could
> send him a message and it would bounce around through digipeaters and print
> out in his truck. He said he had it all hooked to a computer at home his
> wife could look at any time and see exactly where he was at.
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