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Ev Tupis w2ev at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 25 07:04:24 EDT 2020

I have a moment of clarity to report (thanks, Paul!).  Lol.  To the uninitiated...
-----APRS is ....
...data transport infrastructure and protocols.  When combined, they allow small packets of data to report information, automatically.  Automatic Packet Reporting System.  APRS.
What you do (the "application") with APRS (the "infrastructure and protocols") is up to your imagination.
Consider: because APRS transports "small packets of data, reliably" it is a perfect environment for IoT-like applications and is robust enough to deliver them with no commercial infrastructure.
APRS is a "blank canvass".  Now, what do/can/will you "paint" on it?-----
Feel free to use the above as an intro an APRS presentation.  After asking that last question, you can delve into the particular APRS application that you are prepared to present.

Yours in the hobby,
Ev Tupis, W2EVRochester VHF Group
And the guy who lobbied for the "Rover" icon", back in the early days

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