[aprssig] What is APRS, really?

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You are lucky in that you've never had to consider a devastating weather
In Puerto Rico, after Hurricane Maria, one of the most prized information
assett was a map of passable and impassable roads.
It was gathered by hams. Here in Hawaii we demonstrated how APRS could
quickly pinpoint such problems by using
HTs, some with integrated APRS and others without. Those without would just
need a $6 do-it-yourself audio cable, or $21 pre-made.
Throw in free text messaging, to boot!

Amateur radio was the ONLY communications post-Maria in Puerto Rico for 6

The DoD is even getting into APRS-similar portable services for battlefield

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> Alas, it's a now obsolete hobby where amateur radio operators could track
> other's mobile positions. An exclusive niche beyond what the general public
> could do. Some other potential applications, which never caught on. Now
> overtaken by anyone with a cell phone.
> It was fun while it lasted.
> If you find anything that is totally obsolete, please let me  know.
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