[aprssig] Voice Alert

Miroslav Skoric skoric at uns.ac.rs
Tue Jul 28 07:16:40 EDT 2020

On 7/27/20 8:36 PM, Joseph M. Durnal wrote:

> Misko,
> Voice alert is when you send packets out on the APRS channel with a 100 HZ
> CTCSS tone.  The idea is that you have the radio set to tone squelch and
> you will hear packets that are sent with the tone.  Most of the APRS ready
> radio models include it as a feature, although, with the right setup, it
> can be done with a non APRS built in radio.  It is meant for attended
> stations, of course.  The idea is that if you hear the packets, another
> APRS station is in simplex range, you can call them with voice on the APRS
> frequency and then QSY.  I think my trouble is that there have been too
> many unattended stations running with the 100 HZ tone and more and more
> that have turned down the volume all the way instead of just turning off
> the tone.


Maybe it would be useful to have an option in APRS software (and/or in 
radio firmware) to generate an automated 'beep' whenever such CTCSS tone 
arrives to someone's APRS station. I mean, even the radio volume is 
turned down incidentally or deliberately.

In any case, I remember an occasion that happened to me few years ago 
when I was abroad and had my portable APRS setup (incl. laptop) active 
in my hotel room. When I noticed another ham driving his vehicle close 
to my location, I sent an APRS msg to him (not voice alert) and he 
quickly responded (also by typing). Although I did not ask, I suppose he 
had some kind of 'beep' there that let him know about my incoming call. 
Probably he was using some APRS ready radio model (so did not have to 
use a laptop keyboard when driving, but who knows ...)

Misko YT7MPB

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