[aprssig] APRS-IS: frames bypassing server filter

Nick VA3NNW tapr at noseynick.com
Thu Jul 16 00:18:25 EDT 2020

Heikki Hannikainen wrote:
> As such I'm not a great fan of the UDP submission method due to the 
> inherent security issues of UDP one-way flows (they can be spoofed 
> since there's no 3-way handshake), and the classic UDP joke about the 
> other person not getting it.

I always thought the WHOLE POINT of UDP submission was the admission 
that it's fairly prone to spoofing, poorly/unauthenticated, 
unacknowledged without higher layer mechanisms, susceptible to packet 
loss, and inherently insecure, ALMOST EXACTLY like the RF medium we're 
getting the packets from.   :-p

[somewhat tongue-in-cheek]

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