[aprssig] Packet Compressed Sensing Imaging (PCSI)

Scott Howard showard at nd.edu
Tue Jul 7 22:29:44 EDT 2020

Hi Bob,
Thanks for the note! I've updated the documentation to essentially say
"don't use this on an APRS frequency! You can use APRS software/hardware,
just don't use them on APRS channels."
The OBJECT idea sounds great, I can add something in that handles sending
out that OBJECT when you transmit, or listening to requests for that object
going forward. The auto QSY or request+QSY for on demand image transmission
will be cool.

We can also have the image net BULLETIN to alert people to future nets. I
kind of want to see imagenets happen, both for fun and for things like
emergency response/monitoring in areas with weak signal and low power.


On Wed, Jul 1, 2020 at 10:43 AM Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:

> This is fantastic.  Its what I have always thought would be useful adjunct
> to APRS> See http://aprs.org/aprn.html
> Although that (Auto Picture Relay Network) was based on SSTV, this new
> digital method should work fine.
> But NOT on the APRS channel.
> What we need is an OBJECT that gets posted on the APRS local channel that
> announces a PCSI image and that points to the FREQUENCY to download.
> Two methods I guess?  The image runs continuously for a set period, or
> someone who wants the image QSY's and requests it.
> THat way it starts when they are ready.
> If the FREQ object format is followed, then the Kennwoods and Yaesu's can
> auto QSY with the press of the TUNE or QSY button.
> THough they will QSY the other band, and not the data band
> bob, WB4APR
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