[aprssig] FW: New Product | 4 Watt 27 MHz HF Radio Buoy Transmitter

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Mon Feb 24 12:23:01 EST 2020

New Product | 4 Watt 27 MHz HF Radio Buoy Transmitter

Hummh… a 27.195 MHz APRS channel?

*From:* Danny Lemos <sales at lemosint.com>
*Subject:* New Product | 4 Watt 27 MHz HF Radio Buoy Transmitter

4 Watt 27 MHz HF
Radio Buoy Transmitter

The RBT0 transmitter modules offer a 10kHz channel spacing multi channel,
high power, long range HF radio link for Remote Control or Radio Buoy

   - Complies with FCC Part 95 Subpart C - §95.735 RCRS equipment
   certification exception
   - Fractional-N PLL Frequency synthesiser with high stability 10ppm
   crystal reference
   - DC-DC switch-mode power supplies, for optimum power efficiency
   - Channel select by solder links, or re-programmable via serial port
   - Overcurrent Protection
   - Under-voltage lock-out to prevent unpredictable behaviour at battery


   - Radio Control Radio Service (RCRS) when used with a matching
   - Control of model crafts and devices
   - Telecommand - to turn on and/or off a device at a remote location.
   - Telemetry - to transmit a signal from a sensor at a remote location
   that turns on and/or off an indicating device for the operator
   - Beacons or Radio Buoy for Fishing Drift Net

Technical Summary

   - Frequencies: 26.995, 27.045, 27.095, 27.145, 27.195 and 27.255 MHz.
   Any 0.5MHz sub-band within 26-28 MHz
   - FM Deviation ±1.2kHz
   - Transmit power: +36 dBm (4 Watts) ±1dB Spurious Emissions < -36dBm (no
   spurii output in standby)
   - Harmonics < -60dBc (2 nd harmonic -40dBm or -75dBc)
   - Supply range: 10V-15V DC (12V Nominal)
   - Current consumption: 650mA Nominal (transmit) <10µA Standby (TXE Low)
   - Data bit rate: 4kbps max.
   - TX modulation bandwidth DC – 3kHz
   - TX switching time ON: 50ms from Low to High TXE transition OFF: 25ms
   from High to Low TXE transition
   - Temperature -20˚C to +55˚C (operating), -30˚C to +85˚C (storage)
   - Dimension: 176 x 27 x 6mm

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