[aprssig] Mechanical Process engineer wanted

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Aug 6 00:09:19 EDT 2020

Sorry to use this list, but its the only list I have.

I'm pretty good at building things and I am playing with an idea for my
kids blocks.. but I just cannot figure out how to take a bin full of solid
rectangles and get them to go down a chute single file.  THink of a match
box that is longer than it is wide.  So the box can be the small size or
the larger dimension or more likely jammed in the chute at an angle and
everything is stuck.

And electrically vibrating the system to shake things up is not wanted.  I
want to make it all out of wood with a hand crank..

Amazon does it all the time. They have mechanical process engineeers!
Does APRS?

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