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Sun Aug 2 21:39:14 EDT 2020

I see that a neighboring station that is an iGate has regularly heard
W8SP-6, that station being WD8YNY-1.

I've looked at APRS traffic in that area for the last 7 days via aprs.fi
and nobody shows up as being heard by W8SP-6 in their paths.

If the paths in your APRS radio were set properly, then, had your packets
been digipeated by W8SP-6 I'd have thought that WD8YNY-1.

Have you heard other stations in your area beaconing?

On Sun, Aug 2, 2020 at 2:30 PM Joseph M. Durnal <joseph.durnal at gmail.com>

> I drive by this digipeater at least a few times per month, but I've never
> heard it digipeat me.  I tried setting my path to just W8SP-6, but that
> didn't work either.  After I left for home I realized that I probably
> should have tried a few other things, like, dropping the wide1-1 from my
> path, or, caugh, just try wide and/or relay.  Although, its path suggests
> that it was set up by someone who knows about the modern ways of APRS.
> I think I'll reach out to the club to see if I can help, but before I do,
> is there any way to tell if that digi has digipeated anyone in the last
> couple of years?  I doubt it is just me, but, I don't want to suggest that
> their digi is broken if the problem is really mine.
> Thanks & 73 de Joe NE3R
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