[aprssig] FWD: Re: HF APRS igates

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Thu Apr 23 18:01:40 EDT 2020

On 4/23/2020 4:02 PM, Joe Bennett via aprssig wrote:
> I think there is confusion between the APRS format and the JS8CALL format. If 
> the APRS format was used to send in JS8/FT8 it'll take 30 minutes to send the 
> packet. I'm being facetious but it will take a LONG time... The JS8CALL format 
> is converted somewhere else in the network to the APRS format and then dumped 
> on the APRSIS. I'm guessing after its forwarded to JS8NET?

The earlier version 1.1.1 of of the JS8CALL application treated the APRS-IS as 
an alternative "spotting network" to the usual FT8/JS8 spots.  It provided a 
set of fields with the usual APRS-IS login info, right in the application 
(File, Settings, then the "Reporting").
     The APRS fields asked for were:
APRS-IS server name, server port name (defaulted to the customary 14580), and 
APRS-IS passcode.   Apparently the app was computing the APRS-IS passcode based 
on the callsign initially entered during setup by itself -- I certainly never 
entered it myself.

Apparently, the JS8 app translated to APRS format internally before linking to 
the APRS-IS.

In the current 2.1.1 version, the "APRS-centric" dialog has completely 
disappeared, with no warning.  I have no idea what is happening now.  Has the 
JS8 Internet "spot-reporting" infrastructure now taken on the task of 
reformatting and forwardinmg to the APRS-IS??


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