[aprssig] HF APRS for Linux and JS8CALL

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Mon Apr 20 15:34:48 EDT 2020

On 4/20/2020 1:58 PM, Jess Haas wrote:
> I have been wanting to play with the JS8Call APRS but havn't gotten around to 
> it. Not sure what the igate situation is. Where are you located? I ran across 
> this a while ago: https://oh8stn.org/blog/2018/09/04/aprs-over-ft8call/

This is a severely-limited pseudo-APRS solution.  It doesn't provide for 
two-way messaging.  The beaconing function requires hand-entering a 
high-resolution grid-square value (i.e. not lat/long from a GPS).  There is no 
provision for periodically reading a live GPS data stream for automatic beaconing.

The current JS8Call solution may work for operating at home, or reporting your 
location from a campsite using a Yaesu FT-817 HF "porta-luggie".  I.e. where 
your position doesn't change.  It is not very practical for continuing 
reporting from a mobile (either land or marine) in motion.

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