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CT2IWW . ct2iww at gmail.com
Fri Nov 29 13:31:35 EST 2019

Hello, everyone.

I recently took up on myself to try and reanimate APRS in my region, since
all digis have disappeared.

Since I have a kind of a clean slate to begin with, I've been trying to
push more info onto our digi, mostly weather related, from both my own
weather station and a friend's. I also "punch in" by hand next pass
requests to SATSRV, form times to times.

I like to expand on the ideia and include, automatically, as a Bulletin or
Beacon, other information, namely satellite passes, DX  information and HF
propagation values, to start with.

It looks like something like APRSData could fill some of these requests but
it is DOS only and I find it hard to deal with in DOS emulators.

I look at Direwolf and Soundmodem, for exemple, with TCP KISS capabilities
and it looks like a place to start but it is out of my skill range.

If anyone is doing any of this, how are you doing it? Is it even possible?


Paulo, CT2IWW
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