[aprssig] APRS Email from Space! (ET Phone Home)

Pete Loveall AE5PL Lists hamlists at ametx.com
Sat Jun 29 23:58:35 EDT 2019

No, it is properly formatted.  It did not happen because that server is apparently off the air.

Pity you wouldn't listen that those servers are -communications- servers which rely on the bidirectional aspects of APRS messaging and you are trying to brute force an email being -broadcast- from a satellite with no benefit other than making you feel good that you are breaking your own protocol.

There is nothing exciting about demoing SPAM generation from an inanimate computer in space.  There is plenty of that done right hear on earth every day.

There are a large number of hams, however, that use the email/APRS servers to benefit amateur radio by providing communications between their stations and recipients on the Internet.  That is exciting and has been in place for many, many years.

I was hoping you had given up on this piece of PSAT2 but, as usual, you went ahead without thought.  Fortunately, that server was off the air when you made this attempt.


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Yesterday I received the first amateur email from space.  PSAT2 is programmed to send me an Email via APRS about once a day reporting its health.  This email was captured by VK6HAM ground station in Australia and forwarded to me:

It did not happen automatically because it looks like we didn’t put enough spaces to pad out the callsign to the required 9 character callsign field.  ARGH!

This is an exciting capability to demonstrate for Ham radio and amateur satellites.  I’d like to see it work.

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