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Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
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Use any old Android tablet or phone and the APRSdroid app is one way.

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At our monthly Amateur exam session this past Saturday nobody showed up to
test, so that left the 4 VEs to find something else to do for a while,
a discussion of things.   One of the subjects that came up was APRS, and
it ended up going this way...

2 Kenwoods, a Yaesu and my Alinco; all have built-in TNCs so there is a
data port for GPS input on all.  Can we do any or all of the following; A.
Use retired cell phone as GPS.
B. Use an Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad or other such tablet (with or without
internet access, but *not* accessing APRS-IS) as station map display?

Any direction on either item is appreciated.

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