[aprssig] KAM-XL APRS Digipeater Setup

Jim Conrad jjc at oceanviewcom.com
Mon Aug 19 19:29:08 EDT 2019


Thanks for the response. It does have those commands but I was not 
clear how everything came together. Someone sent me a private message 
which included a very detailed setup for a KPC-3 and it made 
reference to your site ( 
). The KPC-3 appears close enough to the KAM-XL Command/OS so I can 
figure out the rest.

I am not an APRS guru and the only other APRS Digi I have configured 
is the Microsat WX3IN1 which is dedicated to APRS and is far more 
intuitive to setup with many of the settings able to be left at the 
default. I also bought another one of them (WX3IN1) for the AT-GP 
event. Perhaps I can I-Gate the AT-GP event the next time I am able 
to participate.

I'm going to experiment with the KAM-XL. It will eventually be used 
for the AT-GP Event also. I looked on the 
and could not find a <tocalls> for the KAM-XL. Could you add that so 
I can use an accurate tocall, perhaps APNKMX?

Thanks, 73's - Jim N4WFP

At 08:52 AM 8/19/2019, Robert Bruninga wrote:
>Does it have UIFLOOD, UITRACE, or UIDIGI commands?
>That's it
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>Does anyone have a step by step for setting up the Kantronics KAM-XL as a
>New-N Paradigm APRS digi?
>I am having my doubts it can be configured in that manner. I've read the
>manual  which is seriously lacking for APRS use and sent email to
>Kantronics but there response did not even come close to answering the
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