[aprssig] YAAC + Direwolf configuration puzzle...

Greg D ko6th.greg at gmail.com
Mon Apr 15 14:26:43 EDT 2019

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the help.  I chose to post here, vs the product-specific
lists, to first get a recommendation on what functions to put in what
product.  Is YAAC a better choice for the Digipeater and/or iGate
functions, or should those be in Direwolf?  How should I approach this?

As far as I know, I should only have Direwolf acting as a TNC, with
everything else being in YAAC.  The use of a different SSID was done on
purpose as a diagnostic indicator, which sounds like a good decision. 
It's clearly being seen on RF when it apparently shouldn't be.  I'm
positive that Direwolf isn't doing the iGating, since I did not give it
my APRSIS code.

So, perhaps I should try turning off all that stuff in YAAC and just let
Direwolf do its thing?  The way I have things configured, I start
Direwolf in background, then run YAAC, via a script.  The script kills
off Direwolf when YAAC exits.

Oh, also what is the algorithm this combo would use to erase something
from the YAAC screen?  I see stations pop up (as they should), and then
disappear some few minutes later.  I thought they should stick around
for 2 hrs (per the config).

Greg  KO6TH

spam8mybrain wrote:
> Greetings.
> Sounds like you may have duplicate setups between DireWolf and YAAC.
> For example, you really don't need to have both DireWolf and YAAC
> beaconing (one of them doing that job is sufficient), and they
> shouldn't have different SSID values since they are part of the same
> station.
> One reason you might not be able to send text messages from YAAC is
> that you haven't enabled your YAAC-to-DireWolf port (or APRS-IS port)
> for transmit in YAAC. YAAC is smart enough not to enable features that
> won't work in the present context (i.e., can't compose outgoing text
> messages if there is no port enabled to send them). Also note that the
> Messages table view only displays incoming traffic. To send one,
> either right-click on the appropriate message and select Send Message
> to reply to the originating station, or just type it in at the bottom
> of the map window. Or you can select the Chat choice, which creates an
> IM-like window that only displays the incoming and outgoing messages
> for one conversation with a single remote station. 
> The echoback is typical behavior for Kenwood radios when it sees a
> digipeater retransmit the Kenwood's recent transmission. But note that
> you said -4 was the digipeater. That's the SSID you assigned to
> DireWolf, not to YAAC, so that says that DireWolf did the digipeating.
> Again, don't have DireWolf and YAAC do things in duplicate (like
> beaconing, digipeating, or I-gating); only one of them should perform
> those functions, or you will be very confused when you tweak the
> settings in one app and nothing changes because the other app is doing
> that feature.
> Re: failure to connect to APRS-IS if Internet service is out: well,
> yeah, I didn't want you to blindly think it was working when it
> wasn't. If you have a successful connection and it fails, you have up
> to 50 minutes to recover; YAAC will try up to 100 times to reconnect
> to APRS-IS,  waiting 30 seconds before the next consecutive retry. 
> Are you saying you want this same behavior at initial startup, too? Or
> an even larger maximum retry count?
> Note that there are mailing lists for both DireWolf and YAAC that you
> can visit for product-specific advice. YAAC's list is the somewhat
> misnamed yaac-alpha-testers at yahoogroups.com list (since YAAC has been
> past alpha test for almost 7 years now).
> Hope this helps.
> Andrew, KA2DDO
> author of YAAC
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> Subject: [aprssig] YAAC + Direwolf configuration puzzle...
> Hi folks,
> I'm putting the finishing touches on my Raspberry Pi-based mobile APRS
> station (aka my CarPi), and have most of it working.  But one little
> detail has me stumped.  Well, at least one detail.  Bottom line, I think
> I'm confused :).
> I am running Direwolf as the TNC, with YAAC as the client on top.
> Direwolf is intended to be just the TNC, I think, with YAAC controlling
> stuff.  I configured Direwolf with an SSID of -4, and YAAC as -9.
> YAAC's configuration has both RF -> IS and IS -> RF enabled, as well as
> its digipeating for Wide1-1.
> After first beaconing my position, I can send a message from my D74 HT
> (-7) to -9 and it pops up on the car's screen.  Yay!  Haven't figured
> out how to send a reply back, however, as that text window can't be
> typed on.  Odd.
> But the puzzle for this post is the following.  I can also send a
> message from the D74 to my APRSIS32 instance (internet-connected, no
> RF), and I do see it gets iGated by the Pi, and shows up on the PC as
> from -7.  But a reply doesn't get back to the D74.  Also odd, the D74
> sees its own message echoed back by -4, which I'm thinking is just the
> Digipeater function in YAAC being enabled, but it's odd that the D74
> would react that way.
> So, as I said, I think I'm not groking the overall setup right, in terms
> of what roles to assign to YAAC and Direwolf, and how that should be
> reflected in their configurations.  There appears to be a lot of overlap
> in terms of capability - iGating, Digipeating, etc.  How should I
> approach this?  Maybe push more responsibility to Direwolf and less to
> YAAC?  Or ?
> I do notice that if YAAC is started before the Hotspot is live, or if
> the network goes down for more than a few moments afterward, YAAC
> disables the IS connection, asks if I want to keep it (yes, I do), but
> doesn't re-try later.  Very annoying.  I either have to restart the
> program, or manually re-enable the port.  Is there not an option to do a
> retry?  How does Direwolf's iGate function handle this?  Internet access
> will be spotty at times, as is the RF environment.
> My intent is to have the station configured for a couple of uses.  One,
> I want to have the CarPi be able to show a map with my station and those
> around me on my dash screen (patched in to where the backup camera
> goes).  I also want to have my position posted periodically to the APRS
> network at large, either over RF or Internet (via a hotspot in the
> car).  And I want to be able to park the car somewhere and have the
> radio be able to act as a digipeater and iGate, for use during community
> events or possibly emergency situations.  Messaging from/to the CarPi
> should also work, via a small Bluetooth keyboard (but obviously not
> while driving!).
> Thanks,
> Greg  KO6TH
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