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Mon Apr 8 12:09:46 EDT 2019

Is this an old message, Bob ?

PSAT2 was lunched a long time ago.

Or, is there a new marathon you're thinking of using this for ?

73 - Bill KA8VIT

> On April 8, 2019 at 11:46 AM Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:
> With the coming launch of PSAT2 containing APRStt (DTMF) uplinks and Voice
> response downlinks, I hope to re-invigorate the use of DTMF radios for use
> in field events. To get closer to 100% data reporting from volunteers
> than just the 20% who have APRS radios. See:
> http://aprs.org/aprstt.html
> Anyone with a DTMF radio can send data into APRS using APRStt.
> See http://aprs.org/PSAT2/USER-Operations-Manual.doc
> Although the satellite focuses entirely on GRIDS and DTMF messaging using
> the ARRL radiograms, I want to start to build message templates for local
> events (where DTMF reporting can be most valuable).
> We need a MARATHON template. To build this I need to have inputs on ALL
> the possible messages that field units report during a marathon. Please
> add to, or correct this list. Remember, each message will be associated
> with a callsign or location ID. And once received on the DTMF channel
> will be spoken back to the sending station and will be converted to APRS
> over on the APRS data channel.
> Remember, it will only take 2 to 4 keypresses on DTMF to send any of these
> reports:
> 1. Runner XX just passed
> 2. Female XX just passed
> 3. Handicapped XX just passed
> 4. EMS is on scene
> 5. Need more water
> 6. Need checkpoint captain
> 7. Runner XX is down
> 8. Need EMS
> 9. Am at checkpoint XX
> 10. ....?
> Here is one we use all the time to completely replace voice at our Scout
> Jamborees for reporting troop scores at each station:
> 1. Troop number XX scored YY at this location (only takes 4 key presses
> So, anyway we can have up to 99 such pre-formatted DTMF messages... I need
> input.
> Bob, Wb4APR

Bill Chaikin, KA8VIT
USS COD Amateur Radio Club - W8COD
WW2 Submarine USS COD SS-224 (NECO)

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