[aprssig] APRS Air Quality Monitoring

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Oct 12 12:00:42 EDT 2018

Has anyone looked into the lower priced air-quality monitors that are out
there? $50 to $250?

Could one be interfaced to APRS to give some reasonable indications of air

I attended a meeting last night on air quality and the big idea was that
in the entire county, there is only one EPA air quality monitor and it is
no closer than 15 miles to the THREE mega power plants (one coal and two
gas).  So there is nothing that is indicating the air quality where the
people live and near the plant.

This could be a great little processor project if we can get the sensors.

What parameters are available and from that we can define an APRS format.
We can include radiation counts too...


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