[aprssig] Help With PK-900 Windows PK-PakRatt

wa4tkg at netzero.net wa4tkg at netzero.net
Thu Nov 29 22:29:34 EST 2018

I have an original PC PacRatt Floppy Disk with my AEA PK-900 (which is back on the air, and about to start a 30M  Gate again in NE Florida). I need to be able to RE-Initialize the Modem if it locks up...how do I do that if I can't run my MacRatt III or PC PacRatt any more? I'm running a Windows 7 machine here now...my iMac's HD finally DIED, again...so can't run it from that any more.  I am already copying ISS so hopefully I can start getting that GATEed onto 30M here, as soon as the FT DX-1200 gets herefrom HRO. Matt WA4TKGPreviously: "The ONLY APRS Station in Japan" (tm)           7J6CAT Urasoe City; Okinawa (across from Camp Kinser)
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