[aprssig] A short little APRS story - and sob story

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This does seem a bit daunting. I wonder if someone might already have a file that I could load onto a NUVI 350 just to tinker with?  

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> I had a similar experience a while back. Meanwhile, experiencing a bit
> of a dillemma. I am using Kenwood D700 with NUVI 350 in three
> vehicles. The NUVIs maps are no longer easily updatable and I don't
> think the AvMap units are available any more. Does anyone know a cheap
> relacement for the NUVI? Remember, I said three. New D710s, etc., for
> all vehicles will kinda blow the budget.

Almost all garmin units can be loaded with OpenstreetMap (OSM) data.
There is a program "mkgmap" to transform OSM data to garmin format, and
it works quite well.  Sometimes OSM data is not as good as other maps,
but sometimes it is better, particularly better in terms of
trail/hiking/park coverage and worse in terms of showing businesses.
You can also edit OSM to add things that are missing -- it's like
wikipedia, but a map.  aprs.fi can show OSM, or you can look on the osm

OSM is different from all other maps in that the data is available at no
cost and, critically, the license permits all sorts of uses, including
keeping offline copies for use without the internet (because there is no
cell service, or because you don't want to tell an advertising company
where you are all the time).

I use osm/mkgmap maps on several nuvis, one from 2010, and it can do
routing with the up-to-date OSM data.

While you can get the OSM data and build mkgmap (java) from source and
make your own maps (which is what I do), there are also downloadable
pre-made maps.

A bunch of links to explore:


See the downloadable map section:


and in particular


but Lambertus is longstanding and the one I'm most familiar with:


>From that site there you should be able to create a custom file with the
regions you care about.  Here is some info about how they are


If this seems too daunting, and you want to try this anyway, email me
offline and I can very likely make you a gmapsupp.img file that you can
just put on your device.

73 de n1dam

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