[aprssig] A short little APRS story - and sob story

Fred Hillhouse fmhillhouse at comcast.net
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For those wishing to try getting OSM on your GPS, this may be helpful!


Best regards,

Fred N7FMH






to talk-us 


These are based off of Lambertus's work here:


If you have questions or comments about these maps, please feel
free to ask.  However, please do not send me private mail.  The
odds are, someone else will have the same questions, and by
asking on the talk-us@ list, others can benefit.



Map to visualize what each file contains:




Why did you do this?

        I wrote scripts to joined them myself to lessen the impact
        of doing a large join on Lambertus's server.  I've also
        cut them in large longitude swaths that should fit conveniently
        on removable media.  


Can or should I seed the torrents?

        Yes!!  If you use the .torrent files, please seed.  That web
        server is in the UK, and it helps to have some peers on this
        side of the Atlantic.

Why is my map missing small rectangular areas?

        There have been some missing tiles from Lambertus's map (the
        red rectangles),  I don't see any at the moment, so you may
        want to update if you had issues with the last set.

Why can I not copy the large files to my new SD card?

        If you buy a new card (especially SDHC), some are FAT16 from
        the factory.  I had to reformat it to let me create a >2GB

Does your map cover Mexico/Canada?

        Yes!!  I have, for the purposes of this map, annexed Ontario
        in to the USA.  Some areas of North America that are close
        to the US also just happen to get pulled in to these maps.
        This might not happen forever, and if you would like your
        non-US area to get included, let me know. 

-- Dave

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> I had a similar experience a while back. Meanwhile, experiencing a bit

> of a dillemma. I am using Kenwood D700 with NUVI 350 in three

> vehicles. The NUVIs maps are no longer easily updatable and I don't

> think the AvMap units are available any more. Does anyone know a cheap

> relacement for the NUVI? Remember, I said three. New D710s, etc., for

> all vehicles will kinda blow the budget.


Almost all garmin units can be loaded with OpenstreetMap (OSM) data.

There is a program "mkgmap" to transform OSM data to garmin format, and

it works quite well.  Sometimes OSM data is not as good as other maps,

but sometimes it is better, particularly better in terms of

trail/hiking/park coverage and worse in terms of showing businesses.

You can also edit OSM to add things that are missing -- it's like

wikipedia, but a map.  aprs.fi can show OSM, or you can look on the osm



OSM is different from all other maps in that the data is available at no

cost and, critically, the license permits all sorts of uses, including

keeping offline copies for use without the internet (because there is no

cell service, or because you don't want to tell an advertising company

where you are all the time).


I use osm/mkgmap maps on several nuvis, one from 2010, and it can do

routing with the up-to-date OSM data.


While you can get the OSM data and build mkgmap (java) from source and

make your own maps (which is what I do), there are also downloadable

pre-made maps.


A bunch of links to explore:





See the downloadable map section:




and in particular




but Lambertus is longstanding and the one I'm most familiar with:




>From that site there you should be able to create a custom file with the

regions you care about.   Here is some info about how they are





If this seems too daunting, and you want to try this anyway, email me

offline and I can very likely make you a gmapsupp.img file that you can

just put on your device.


73 de n1dam


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