[aprssig] AFSK smart phone modem needed

WB2OSZ wb2osz at comcast.net
Fri Mar 30 16:16:59 EDT 2018

A company contacted me looking to hire someone to write them an FSK

modulator for a smart phone.

Turns out, the tones are the same standard 170 Hz shift used for decades

for RTTY and at 100 baud.



I've already done this, in a general way, for any reasonable set of tones,
bit rate, audio sample rate. 

It should be easy to extract the code and repackage it.

Could you be more specific about the requirements?

What is the larger context?  

Is HF SSB involved at all so that it needs to compensate for mistuning?

Is it a modem (send/receive) or just the AFSK modulator?

Does it need to be written in some specific language?






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