[aprssig] Argent Tracker4

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon Mar 26 14:31:51 EDT 2018

The FC-301 has been discontinued but the FC-302 replaced it and is 
pretty nice.  I'm planning to work on a T4 version that will fit in it.  
The 302's cast aluminum housing is really sturdy and has better heat 
dissipation than the 301, but it makes it harder to add extra 
connectors.  I've built a mock up with a vertically-mounted USB type B 
in the lid that's suitable for programming, but having a USB cable 
coming out of the top of the case, at right angles to everything else, 
isn't really ideal for a permanent installation.

We can machine holes in the main body of the case and fit in the 
required connectors, but taking the radio electronics out first is 
tedious.  Having Friendcom do the modifications would require a large 
minimum order if they'd do it at all.  I think our best bet is going to 
be to try to machine the pockets not quite all the way through the case 
and leave a very thin layer that can be punched out in one piece without 
contaminating the electronics.  I'll be doing more experiments with that 
later this year.


On 3/26/2018 10:59 AM, Bill Vodall wrote:
>>   I think the Tracker4 name is going to stick...
>> In any case, it's close to being ready for production.
> Looks like lots of good features in the new T4.  (Open source?)
> The problem with Packet Radio is still the radio.   For a while Argent
> had about the only semi-reasonably priced data radio available off the
> shelf with the Friendcom FC-301.   (
> http://dutch-star.eu/products/fc-301d/ )
> Is that, or an replacement, going to be available again?
> Thanks and 73,
> Bill - WA7NWP

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