[aprssig] NMEA output GPS or compass?

Jason KG4WSV kg4wsv at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 09:53:08 EDT 2018

> What I absolutely need at a minimum is a compass or GPS with an NMEA output.
> The system has NMEA+ NMEA-, +12V power to compass/GPS and ground.  If it's a
> GPS unit, I would prefer some sort of simple "puck" style unit rather than
> something with a display and buttons to misconfigure.

Argent Data Systems has a puck style GPS receiver with RS232 that
requires a regulated +5V supply.

The Garmin GPS18 series is still around, sounds like you probably want
the GPS18PC (DE9 connector and a cigarette lighter plug last time I
bought one).

Good luck with a compass, and please report back if you find one for
cheap.  Most GPS units will report heading, but unless you're moving
at sufficient speed it's garbage.  Some continue to report the last
heading they had confidence in, others simply report 0 when they're


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