[aprssig] NMEA output GPS or compass?

david vanhorn kc6ete at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 09:25:05 EDT 2018

I'm reactivating an old project, and I would like to find an NMEA output
GPS unit like the old Garmins with their four pin connector, or a compass
with similar output.

What I've seen in compasses are crazy expensive ($500), and GPS units seem
to all be USB output now if they have any external data connection at all.

What I absolutely need at a minimum is a compass or GPS with an NMEA
output. The system has NMEA+ NMEA-, +12V power to compass/GPS and ground.
If it's a GPS unit, I would prefer some sort of simple "puck" style unit
rather than something with a display and buttons to misconfigure.

Any sources coming to mind?

K1FZY (WA4TPW) SK  9/29/37-4/13/15
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