[aprssig] Another 60 Meters APRS Test This Week: Tuesday 26 June - Thursday28 June

Miroslav Skoric skoric at uns.ac.rs
Tue Jun 26 08:53:57 EDT 2018

On 06/25/2018 04:29 PM, Stephen H. Smith wrote:

>> Regarding uBlox chip -based GPS devices: I was recently done some APRS 
>> tests in Rabat, Morocco, and I had a Taiwanese G-mouse having an uBlox 
>> chip. But something caused me to appear on the map some 1500-2000 km 
>> to the east (somewhere near Algerian-Tunisian border). Any idea what 
>> might have happened? And when I returned back to Europe, everything 
>> was fine again with reporting my locations. (The same hardware & 
>> software used. The software is dxlAPRS by Chris OE5DXL.)
>> Misko YT7MPB 
> Were you seeing the error on your own computer & display,   or was it on 
> APRS displays on the Internet?

I saw it on my own computer & display. (Don't know about the Internet 
since I wasn't online then.)

> In Rabat, you would have been west of 00 00.000 longitude, while most of 
> Europe is EAST of the prime meridian (i.e. positive longitude).    In 
> the past, I have observed some mis-configured igates running buggy 
> software in southern Portugal and Spain passing trash into the APRS 
> Internet System,  when mobiles would go west of 00 00.00 longitude.  
> (Apparently had problems with negative values of longitude.)

I suppose that the same was with the client software I used there. Need 
to re-check about bugs in there.

> Normally, I would have noticed something was wrong by seeing my own 
> position in the wrong place on a map display.   But in this case 
> (experiments on 60 meters), I was running running APRS Messenger blind 
> as a transmit-only tracker without a mapping display in the car.   As a 
> result, I did not discover the problem until a day later when I started 
> checking my home display and APRS mapping sites like APRS.fi .

I see ... well that's the risk with 'blind' trackers. I read somewhere 
about a ham who had wired his cell phone's display (or a similar device 
with display) to his tracker/GPS receiver (or like), so even in the car 
you can see your own position. I'd prefer some cheap solution, such as 
an adaptation of a cheap car navigation device with display or like. Any 

Misko YT7MPB

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