[aprssig] APRS on Amtrak, DC to Minneapolis

Peter Laws N5UWY n5uwy at arrl.net
Fri Jun 1 14:19:51 EDT 2018

On Fri, Jun 1, 2018 at 1:02 PM, Fred Hillhouse <fmhillhouse at comcast.net> wrote:

> You need to travel in an observation car if available! It will be a bit higher and have less shielding around you. Not only will the radio get better coverage, your eyes will too! J Too bad if this is not an option!

Years ago, the Capitol Ltd carried "real" VistaDomes, but it's been
Superliner equipment for a long time at this point.  The lounge is
almost always a Sightseer, which has much more glass than a VistaDome
ever could but is the same height as the rest of the train consist
meaning you can't look out towards the front or rear of the train.
But it has a LOT of glass.  See

I have no idea if the windows have a metallic coating that would
inhibit 144-MHz RF.  As someone said, if it does, you could always
squirt some RF while hanging out in the vestibule between cars.  If
you have a cooperative car attendant, they *might* let you open the
top of the Dutch door on the lower level of your sleeper.  You *did*
book a sleeper, didn't you, Bob?

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