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Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jul 17 13:41:39 EDT 2018

The idea in APRS is real-time.  So users typically just choose a symbol
that conveys the meaning most immediately appropriate that they want to
convey.   It can be what kind of rail vehicle one is on, or I might use the
“terminal” overlay while I am sitting in the train terminal from 10PM to
when the train leaves at 5 AM (while dozing).

On the APRS radios it is trivial to dial in as the meaning of the symbol
may be changing during a trip.


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Hi Bob,

How do you intend for one to choose among terms that can be combined?  For
example, one could have a Diesel Freight train or a Steam Hyperloop (88mph,
anyone?).  Does sUbway refer to the train or the station?

Just curious to understand the use cases,

Greg  KO6TH

Robert Bruninga wrote:

An update:

RAIL Symbols: #=

/= = generic train (use steam engine shape for quick recognition)

\= = tbd    (use same symbol for now)

B= = Bus-rail/trolley/streetcar/guiderail

C= = Commuter

D= = Diesel

E= = Electric

F= = Freight

G= = Gondola

H= = High Speed Rail (& Hyperloop)

I= = Inclined Rail

L= = eLevated

M= = Monorail

P= = Passenger

S= = Steam

T= = Terminal (station)

U= = sUbway

X= = eXcursion

See:  http://aprs.org/symbols/symbols-new.txt

Bob, WB4aPR

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May I suggest keeping a low number of rail-related symbols: steam, diesel,
electric, passenger, commuter, excursion, and freight.

This past weekend I made a round-trip from Manassas to Roanoke with
tracking by APRSdroid on my cell phone. Connectivity was by T-Mobile and
Amtrak Wi-Fi. Here is a partially successful attempt to display the trip on
Google Maps:


The data was exported from aprs.fi


[image: Image removed by sender.]

*73 Karl W4KRL*

On Mon, Jul 9, 2018 at 1:46 PM, Andrew AB9FX <ab9fx at aprs.pl> wrote:

I think there are different factors to specify a train category, mainly:
type of engine, and type of operation. Which are universal for all the
world. Beside of these factors there are operators which are almost
uncountable around the world.

Locomotive Engine:
Steam, Diesel, Electric.

Train category:
Commuter, subway, city transportation, suburb, long distance, sleeping,
express, high speed, special event, freight, shunting, armored, etc.
Across European countries, very common are following categories of
passenger trains: InterCity, ICE (InterCity Express), EC (EuroCity), Regio,
InterRegio, Night Train.

Andrew AB9FX

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