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Fred Hillhouse fmhillhouse at comcast.net
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When running in my car, I use 25-40W which is more than adequate depending on the radio (one is fixed at 40W). I have also used an HT at 5W. 25W gets more packets through but it might be considered an alligator by some. It seems to take about double the power to get a signal through when compared to voice.


As far as using while using another 2M radio, yeah when it is transmitting, your voice machine will be interrupted. I didn’t really find it annoying. A packet is very short in duration.


The key to using an HT is your external antenna. Use a good one with good placement! I used a pair of Larsen 2/70s on fixed mounts on each side of my trunk lid. They were mounted it the gutter rather than on the trunk lid. Everything worked peachy!


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I was mentioning to a local ham I was interested in putting APRS in my truck. (I'm still digesting all the great comments from my previous query.) He said I will need a minimum of 50 watts and the frequent transmissions will pretty much eliminate the possibility of other 2 meter operations while I have the APRS running. This news is certainly disconcerting. My original intention was to use a Raspberry Pi with a TNC-Pi connected to a Kenwood HT with an external antenna. Having to add another full sized mobile radio and running that much power with all the other radios in my truck might be an issue.

So, is the need for 50 watts realistic? I do live in a rural area, but other 2 meter use seems to get by quite well with handheld radios.


Michael WA7SKG

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