[aprssig] WB4APR-11 Balloon Aloft from Annapolis (now northeast)

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Mon Aug 13 17:09:40 EDT 2018

Bob WB4APR wrote...

 > I was wrong, it is headed up towards new England...

The site windy.com does a pretty good of showing wind / speed direction 
at different heights... and other things. If it can maintain 10,000 M 
(close enough to 30,000 ft) it should keep going north until it gets to 
Maine and then head south-east over the Atlantic. It might then end up 
circulating towards Florida, but could possibly hit a stream of air 
towards Morocco. If it gets that far, it will keep going east over the 
Mediterranean and then either go north to Russia or keep going east, 
past Japan and out over the Pacific. If it does that, it will do a loop 
over BC and then head towards me. Guess it's luck of the draw whether 
the weather does it in or if it hits favorable or un-favourable winds. 
Good luck to Anika and her project!


73 Keith VE7GDH

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