[aprssig] digipeater setup questions LOCAL OBJECTS

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Apr 22 10:03:11 EDT 2018

The DIGI instructions look good.  It uses only LT1 and LT2 for the local
and 2 hop DIGI packet, and uses LT3, LT4 and BTEXT for three local
 FREQUENCY objects informing visitors of the locations and frequencies of
favored voice repeaters and or VOIP nodes.  Additional info on that topic
are in http://aprs.org/localinfo.html

Notice, it is strongly favored that theswe freqq objects be originated at
the DIGI as shown.  Because only the digi can hear when the channel is
treuly clear and inject this local info onto the channel.

If you need a 4th local object, you can give up LT2 from proportional
pathing the digi and let it be another frequency object.  Then set up the
one and only digi beacon to be every 15 minutes and use only the single
path of WIDE2-1.


On Sat, Apr 21, 2018 at 11:41 PM, bill K7WXW <K7WXW at qrpdx.org> wrote:

> GE -
> I am setting up a Wide n-N digipeater in the Portland area for W7LT/PARC.
> The TNC is a KPC-9612 with the V8.2 firmware. I have one question about the
> TNC:  does the UIDIGI bug in KPC-3 XXX7265 firmware (described on the
> NWAPRS webpage and in other places) exist in the 9612 V8.2 XXX7265
> firmware, too?
> Second question: are the settings for BTEXT, LT and LTP given on
> http://www.nwaprs.info/widen-n.htm
> still being used?
> Third question:  is the description of the BLT command (on the same
> webpage) correct? As given, it doesn't seem to match the KPC-3 manual.
> Last question: if there are any KPC-9612 or KPC-3 gurus on the list that
> would be willing to review the way I set up the TNC, I'd be happy to send
> you a dump of my command settings.
> 73 de bill K7WXW
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