[aprssig] digipeater setup questions

bill K7WXW K7WXW at qrpdx.org
Sat Apr 21 23:41:12 EDT 2018

GE -

I am setting up a Wide n-N digipeater in the Portland area for 
W7LT/PARC. The TNC is a KPC-9612 with the V8.2 firmware. I have one 
question about the TNC:  does the UIDIGI bug in KPC-3 XXX7265 firmware 
(described on the NWAPRS webpage and in other places) exist in the 9612 
V8.2 XXX7265 firmware, too?

Second question: are the settings for BTEXT, LT and LTP given on 
still being used?

Third question:  is the description of the BLT command (on the same 
webpage) correct? As given, it doesn't seem to match the KPC-3 manual.

Last question: if there are any KPC-9612 or KPC-3 gurus on the list that 
would be willing to review the way I set up the TNC, I'd be happy to 
send you a dump of my command settings.

73 de bill K7WXW

brevity is beautiful.
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