[aprssig] SatReporter Hacked once Again

vk4tec at tech-software.net vk4tec at tech-software.net
Wed Sep 6 16:10:06 EDT 2017

I have been accused of not supplying enough information 


So here it is 


I designed a SatReporting tool that encompases the ISS and NO-84


It draws information from the APRS-IS stream and presents it in a web form.


I added a function where people could manually add a satellite observation 


This was exploited and I had to deal with the authorities and coped 65,000
emails from a vindictive individual in California


I contacted his her ISP and they were dumb and clueless


The help exceed my monthly internet bill in the the process.


That stoped after I reported them and took away the manual reporting


I then let the system back on line and once again the same vindictive
indivual was hitting my web site with a denial of service attack every


I have had to report them again.


My ISP are pissed off at me when I have done nothing wrong 


Some jelous individual obviously does not like any one else doing something


It is sad and I feel sorry for that individual


I have a had a rough life and I can can take the punches 


I will persist in bringing new and smart solutions to problems where I see I
can help


Here is the individual that is doing it 


vk4tec at hpserver:/maint/scripts> nslookup




Non-authoritative answer:      name =


Authoritative answers can be found from:


vk4tec at hpserver:/maint/scripts>


I have migrated from a raspberry pi to a quad quad core processore machine
with 64 GB of RAM running LINUX OpenSuse


I will not be shut down by some asshole who wants to make my life hell


I say go for it 


I am smater than you think having been in volved in both telecommunications
and aviation security incidents.


I have been given military clearance and are friends with federal police 


You have been warned 



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